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It’s us, your friends at FGC Sustainability Resource Center. we are working hard to bring the very best in eco-friendly info, innovation and research, training and public awareness about climate change and its effects to our planet in order to change the lives of more communities, more people, and more ecosystems everywhere. 

Looking for a fun and engaging read about the environment, we’re here to share! There are so many areas of the environment that deserve attention, and we spotlight each part so you can always find content relevant to you. We believe that possibilities are endless, so why shouldn’t they also be green?

The great minds behind FGC include teachers, scientists, researchers, and volunteers–all united under one common goal: protect the planet and improve the lives of people. It’s that simple.     

Global conservation efforts and net-zero carbon emissions are gaining more and more attention. These are issues that affect us and our planet mates (i.e., birds, bees, and trees!), and bringing resources to the forefront will only become more and more important. You don’t have to have a scientific background to benefit from FGC–accessibility is the heart of what we do.

The resource center supports local female entrepreneurs in Uganda through projects that are working towards increased social and and environmental protection. 

Providing sustainable means of a livelihood not only raises the standard of living for poor and underprivileged people, but such initiatives also ensure that these activities do not contribute to further environmental damage.    

A good example that combines both recycling and support for small communities is the Kech Pe Tii initiative. ​women work with used papers as raw material to make beautiful beads where they make bracelets, each of which turns human leftovers into something positive and beautiful. The proceeds from the sales of these bracelets provide a valuable source of income for their makers, strengthening their community’s economic stability.  

Beads Process: 

The artistry and industriousness of the Kech Pe Tii women is extraordinary. The women make beautiful and colorful jewelry from used paper. These beads are made by cutting the paper into long triangles and rolling tightly, they are then lacquered and strung into gorgeous necklaces, earrings, baskets and bracelets. 

The beautiful woven baskets that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and partners are available for sale. Each basket takes about 5 days to make. Through the resource center, we sell and connect with markets for their beautiful works of art and they get reasonable profit out of their hard-earned work. this motivates them every day.

Supporting small holder farmers 

The FGC center trains smallholder farmers in best agronomic practices that improve the quality and quantity of their crops, as well as connecting them to better buyers like food and beverage companies. This gives farmers reliable markets and higher prices for their crops, improving their incomes for the long term.   With this kind of arrangement, consumers that buy produce from smallholder farmers that we work with enjoy access to higher-quality foods and beverages produced in a more sustainable, equitable way.

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Realizing change through sustainable choices can be easy and fun! 

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