Our Strategy

The Problem

We lose trees at a rate of about 40 acres per minute as our food systems destroy our ecosystems. Most of these degradation occurs in the developing tropics of Africa where millions of smallholder farming families use destructive and shortsighted agricultural practices that further degrade their communities trees, soil, water and biodiversity, making them even more likely to migrate and more vulnerable to the climate changes that lie ahead. 

Environmental Stewardship Resource Center

If we are to ensure that green environment continue to exist in this generation and those to come, we need the children and the youth who are the future custodians of this planet to better understand the importance of conservation and its relevance in their lives.  

FGC is setting up a resource center targeting specifically children and the youth in schools. This training program shall be conducted during weekends and holidays to enlighten the youth and children about the importance of environmental protection and green living.

The beneficiaries are also encouraged to form eco- clubs in both schools and communities where they are encouraged, trained to go green living; They plant shade trees, wind break trees, soil protecting trees and fruit tress. During class break time, students can eat fruit of trees which they planted themselves or which were planted by their brothers and sisters who were eco-club members